2014 RR Riesling


A sea breeze, crisp and bracing, gives way like soft rays of sunlight warming your tongue. Goosebumps of prickly acidity melt into orange flower, daphne, and wet rock. A white wine powerful and nuanced enough to last far beyond the welcome toast, deep into the main course (hmmm, gamebird would be lovely) and down to that last, soft crumble of Bleu d’Auvergne you picked up with the edge of your knife. As with each of the RR Wines, our Riesling was designed to improve with age (although there’s certainly no crime in popping open a bottle now.)

Looking to mix things up a bit? Consider a mixed six-pack of two Riesling, two current release Pinot Noir, and two bottles of Pinot Noir from our library.

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