2005-2016 RR Pinot Noir Vertical 12pk*


RR wines were built to age gracefully, as evidenced by this 12 vintage vertical of library wine we’ve presented.

15 years in the making, unleashing these wines is tantamount to experiencing the thrill of teenage energy minus the angst and attitude. They are sure to enchant and delight. Sock away that 2016 if you possess the patience, or sample the entire lineup with friends (we’ve included a copy of our cage-rattling vertical tasting format in the box!) Either way, you’ll discover a new dimension – one that can only be found in perfectly-aged, artfully-crafted Pinot Noir.

We will make this a Bakers or Winemakers Dozen by adding an additional bottle (2004 by default) at no charge.
Just mention in the notes your favorite vintage or add 2004 or 2017 to extend the vertical, and it’s yours!
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