About Us

RR wines will be the best wines we can source from our 120 acre (41 planted) Ridgecrest Vineyards estate, which contains the first vines planted on Ribbon Ridge. They are not designed for a mass market, but for serious aging and for understanding the potential of this special land mass called Ribbon Ridge. Their concentration, their blackness, their elegance, their textural excitement all stem from the vineyard—its maturity; deep penetration of dry-farmed vines to find rock, nutrients and water; organic farming; limited yield and sensitive fermentation to protect vintage characteristics.

As a now well respected grapegrowing appellation, having received Federal TTB American Viticultural Area (AVA) recognition in 2006 through neighbors’ and our efforts, our winery has voluntarily suspended using “Ribbon Ridge” in its brand, preferring it to be used to the greater good of our community of grapegrowers.

I began my wine career on Ribbon Ridge and hope to retain it as a base until the end, leaving it as a heritage for family to preserve and improve.

Harry Peterson-Nedry